We offer many services for sash window repairs to our customers in London. Our main services are listed below, but please contact us if you would like something a little more specialist, or if there is anything else we can help you with at all.

1. The Sash Smart London Ltd Overhaul and Cord Repair


  • Replacement of cords
  • Rebalancing of sash windows
  • Adding or replacing weights for new or replacement sashes (where required)
  • Level sashes to meeting bar
  • New primed staff and parting bead as required
  • Replacement of old and flaking putty
  • New sash fastener as required.

Sash Smart London Ltd specialises in replacing broken sash window cords and sash spiral balancers. Sash cords are a vital part of a sash window. Over time these can wear and snap, leaving the window hard to open and in some cases dangerous to operate. In order for the window to function properly, new cords will need to be fitted.

NB- A sash cord repair service is required when glazing, repairing or replacing sash windows.

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Also called spiral balances:

Some sash windows have spiral spring balancers instead of sash cords and weights. These are made up of a plastic tube and a metal torsion spring. Unfortunately, spiral balancers do fail on occasions and need to be replaced in order for the window to function correctly. These spiral balancers are made up according to the size and weight of a particular sash window. Therefore, in order for Sash Smart London Ltd to supply a suitable replacement, we would need an initial visit to measure your windows and following from this will be able to order the correct size spiral balancers. This service normally takes a couple of days from point of order.

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3. sash and box frame repair (sash window repair)

  • Replace rotten parts of the frame
  • New box sills
  • Repair Stiles/ Linings
  • Replace pulley wheels
  • Repair sash frames with resin filler
  • Re-glaze sash windows*

(*To comply with building regulations.)

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4. Hardware

Security locks

Security locks are fitted to your new or replacement windows in order to increase the protection of your home and keep your family safe. With well-fitted security locks you can enjoy peace of mind, restrict opening heights and keep little ones and pets safe.

Sash window furniture

Sash lifts and pulls all help with the operating of existing or new sash windows. At Sash Smart London Ltd we install and replace all sash window furniture you’d require, so get in touch today for more information.

sash window hardware

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