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What areas do you cover?

We cover South and South East London.

Can you replace broken sash cords?

We are able to change sash cords. Our sash cord repair service includes replacing all 4 sash cords – even if only one is broken.

Do you replace broken springs / spiral balances?

Some sash windows have spiral/spring balancers instead of sash cords and weights. These are made up of a plastic tube and a metal torsion spring.
Spiral balancers do fail and need to be replaced in order for the window to function correctly. These spiral balancers are made up according to the size and weight of a particular sash. For Sash Smart London Ltd to supply a suitable replacement we would need an initial visit to measure and order the correct size spiral balancers. This service normally takes a couple of days from point of order.

Do you have dust sheets?

As with all the work we undertake we dust sheet and protect your property as best we can.

Why use Sash Smart London Ltd?

A smarter way to the repair and replacement of your sash windows. With many hundreds of satisfied customers across London.

I live in a conservation area / listed building, are you able to help me?

We have extensive experience of dealing with clients in both conservation areas and listed buildings and are happy to talk you through the various limitations and restrictions.

I have single glazed sash windows, can I replace these to double glazed sash windows?

Yes, It is often possible to change just the sashes (the parts that move up and down) from single glazed to double glazed without replacing the complete box frame. Alternatively the window can be fully replaced which would then be double glazed to comply with building regulations.

I understand there are different types of double glazing can you help explain the differences?

Not all double is glazing is the same and some provide more thermal insulation than others. We will happily talk you through the various options and benefits of differing glass.

CERTASS or FENSA registered?

Its important to use a CERTASS or FENSA registered company. If you replace your windows you will receive a certificate at the end of the installation. It normal takes 2-3 weeks to arrive by post. You need to provide this certificate when you sell your home.

What timber do you offer?

We offer both treated softwood and hardwood windows. The timber used is FSC accredited and sourced from managed resources.

Do you offer any other types of glass?

We offer a variety of speciality glass types to improve security, safety, sound, thermal insulation and a range of frosted glass for privacy.

I would like to completely replace my windows, how long does it take?

This will depend on the quantity and size of the window, but as a general guide one window can be replaced within a day. In most cases your required work would take 2-3 days we never leave you with a window out and always leave your property vacuumed before we leave.

How much does it cost?

You can get a guide quote emailed to you in minutes (click here).
Alternatively, we are happy to provide you with a guide price over the telephone and if you would like to make an appointment we can visit and provide a full survey.

I have a few minor problems, broken glass, broken sash cords etc?

We provide a comprehensive service that includes everything from servicing, draught proofing and minor repairs to full replacement windows.

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