Sash Smart London Ltd offer a same day sash cord service

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Same day sash cord service

Also called Cord Repair Service


  • Replace cords
  • Sashes rebalanced
  • Add extra or replace weights for new or replacement sashes (where required)
  • Sashes levelled to meeting bar
  • New primed staff and parting bead as required
  • Replace old and flaking putty
  • New sash fastener as required

Sash Smart London Ltd specialises in replacing broken sash window cords and sash spiral balancers. Sash cords are a vital part of a sash window. Sash cords can wear and snap, leaving the window hard to open and in some cases dangerous to operate. In order for the window to function properly new cords will need to be fitted NB- A sash cord repair service is required when re-glazing, repairing and replacing sash windows. This is due to the new weight of the sash window(s).

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