Timber Sash Windows Energy Saving Tips For Homeowners

Many people choose uPVC windows over traditional timber sash windows due to the perception that they are the most cost effective option in terms of energy expenditure. We’re here to tell you that this is a myth. Traditional timber sash windows need not be expensive to repair. Although, yes they can be the more costly alternative when getting a full replacement, the benefits over uPVC are endless.

Don’t give up hope just yet! As your sash window specialists in London, we’re here to help you save money whilst adding undeniable value to your home through the beauty of timber sash windows.

Here are our energy saving tips for homeowners with traditional sash windows:

Draught Proofing:

Did you know that a whopping 25% of your heating bill could be caused by heat escaping from your windows? If you notice that your energy bills are on the rise, a money saving alternative to a complete replacement of your aging sash windows could be a simple draught proofing job. Our skilled carpenters can get the job done without much disturbance to your day and without any major structural work.

Energy-efficient Glazing:

Did you know that ⅔ of energy lost from a standard window is due to glazing? At Sash Smart we specialise in single and double glazed windows. Make your home energy efficient by investing in double glazed windows this Autumn. Double glazing reduces the risk of heat loss dramatically as well as protecting your home against noise pollution*. We often get asked about certain parts of sash windows, give yourself a bit of an education by reading sash windows 101.

For more information about money saving alternatives to complete replacement sash windows and for more information on conserving your energy bills, give us a call! So, let Sash Smart help maintain your timber sash windows and stay energy efficient this Autumn!

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