Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Sash Windows this Summer

Sash Windows, like any exterior part of your home, can become subject to the elements. Over time frames can rot and pulley systems can become worn from excess use. As your Sash Window specialists, we recommend that the best time to maintain your Sash Windows is during the Summer months, while the weather’s still warm and the kids are still enjoying their Summer holidays.

Here’s why it’s important to maintain your sash windows this Summer:

Prepare for winter:

Replacing your sash windows ahead of winter will safeguard your home from the colder months to ensure your home is well insulated and protected from the cold. Sash Smart provide repair and maintenance services all year round. Although you might not notice a draughty window during the Summer, you’ll be sure to notice once winter rolls around! We are experts in draught proofing services so make an appointment with us to repair or install a compression seal to protect your home from the elements.

Damp/Warm Weather:

Summer weather can cause the timber to expand and sometimes stick, this can make your sash windows hard to open. Our highly skilled carpenters can work this free without causing any damage to your existing sash windows. However, if you think it’s something you can work free yourself, try carefully sanding the sashes and rubbing with candle wax to work it free.

*Please note, always call a professional to avoid potential damage to your sashes.


During hot summer months you need that all important air ventilation, but you also need to protect your home from potential intruders. We provide an array of window security, such as sash stops, which allow you to open your windows marginally to allow air flow whilst making it impossible for a potential intruder to open the window further. They are also the perfect addition to your windows should you have small pets and children, keeping them safe from harm.



For sash window Summer repair and maintenance work give Sash Smart a call or use our online estimate to get an instant quote straight to your inbox!

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